Today Highlights

GR Yaris

Reading about this car, just gets even more exciting. The reviews by the motoring press are amazing. Due for delivery 8 Feb 2021.

MG ZT260 – update

Update: 14 November 2020 Unfortunately, I have not been able to get back to the UK and the car has had no use for nearly a year. The car has

6R4 to GR4 Yaris

Decided, this will be our every day driver. It’s a brilliant small car, ideal in these times for parking in busy cities, unfortunately its not a hybrid or electric, but

Ariel – homeward bound!

Collected the Nomad from the factory on Wednesday. Was an absolute glorious day for collection, arguably too hot, however this soon changed to rain later. Really impressed with the factory

Nomad in production

2 August 2020: Nomad is now complete, except for the exhaust guard. Will be collected any day now. COVID-19 as we know has affected many. One such item is the