UR Election

Last week, I published on the UR web a statement saying, that none of the new candidates attended the Parish Council meeting. Which was factual and I thought fair. As we know Kirsten Johnstone said she didn’t know anything about the meeting on the village FB group, hence her lack of attendance. I then received information from the returning officer asking me to remove it, which I duly did as it contravened this document: Part-4-The-campaign-P-and-C

Since then, various people have reported to me that slanderous statements have been posted by people taking part in the election (I cannot check myself). Their targets statements are typically other councillors and the body called URPC. They are being posted from within a hidden FB group, fronted as Homeowners. Why would candidates write incorrect statements about the very same Parish Council they are campaigning to join? Furthermore, they need to remember, if anything is written nothing is hidden.

Is this the way to conduct a campaign? Not according to this document: Part-4-The-campaign-P-and-C

Consequently, elected or not, I would need to consider whether I want to be part of a council that is conducting itself in such an unlawful fashion. It is disgraceful and indefensible that those taking part in the slander could be future Parish Councillors (names withheld).

I will attach the documents every candidates needs to be aware of during the Upper Rissington campaign.

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  • Jerry Flint
  • Resident of Upper Rissington